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This site is all about Sing. 

Sing is a tool that helps programmers to write nice looking, safe, clean, fast c++ code but, as a matter of fact, Sing is a programming language too.

The idea came to me while wondering if to move from c++ to more modern, simple, yet fast languages like go and swift. I found this step difficult to take because of a number of reasons:

  • The large code base of c++ in my projects: I didn't want to rewrite that code, but I didn't want to have mixed language projects.

  • I didn't want the risk of discovering, after a good deal of work, that the language was not up to the task, forcing me to translate all I had written in another language in c++.

So I went up with the idea of sing: a language which is specified in such a way that makes it yet easy to transpile to clean and nice, seemingly human written c++.

This means that adopting sing you are not giving up c++, you are just using sing to write it ! But at the same time you enjoy the advantages of a more guided/simple/safe language.

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